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  • The Pet Taxi App® is the nation's fastest growing network of vetted and insured pet transportation providers, offering you safe, easy, and affordable pet-friendly transport at the touch of a button. Daycare, groomer, ride to the vet? The Pet Taxi App® will safely and reliably transport your pet! 
    · Book your pet a pet-friendly ride with the touch of a button.
    · Drivers are right around the corner and ready at a moment's notice. 
    · See the estimated cost of your pet's ride, just enter the trip details. 
    · Hassle-free and secure payments directly within the app. 
    · Drivers are pet professionals who pass comprehensive background and DMV checks.
    · Each service is rated by the pet owner and only the highest rated drivers are available. 
    · An interactive GPS map tracks your pet and their driver's location in real-time.
    · The in-app contact function allows for easy communication with your pet's driver.
    · Each service insures you, your pet and your home up to $1,000,000.
    · Ride beside your pet in a luxury pet-friendly transport when choosing OWNERS TOO!.
    · Send your pet on their way with their driver for a one-way trip when choosing DROP-OFF.
    · Send your pet with a chaperone into their vet or training appointment.  Our drivers will accompany your pet to their appointment and bring them back home with notes when choosing WAIT & RETURN.
In an effort to enrich the lives of as many pets as possible, The Pet Taxi App® is committed to donating a percentage of profits to local and national pet rescue efforts. To learn more about this and how you can help, message us here and someone will be in touch soon.
From The Pet Taxi Application, enter your pet's pickup and drop-off address information, click the service that best suits your pet's needs (drop-off, wait & return, owners too!) and follow the prompts. Your payment information must be entered and once your service has been scheduled and your driver is on the way, you will be able to communicate directly to them via phone or text message any specific details of your service request through the in-app contact function. You can also schedule a ride by calling us at 877-873-7299, option 1 for reservations. We look forward to serving you!
Rides start as low as $10! Just enter your pet's pickup and drop-off address into The Pet Taxi App® and the fare estimator will show you exactly how affordable our pet-friendly services can be!
Rides start as low as $10! Just enter your pet's pickup and drop-off address into The Pet Taxi App® and the fare estimator will show you exactly how affordable our pet-friendly services can be!
The Pet Taxi App® was designed for family pets of all shapes and sizes! Your pet must be current on vaccinations as required by state law. Felines and Exotics (fish, birds, reptiles, arachnids, and rodents) must be in an appropriate travel carrier when their driver arrives. Due to the variance in the types of insurance that our drivers carry, they may not be approved to transport an "aggressive breed" as deemed by their insurance carrier. A known-aggressive or temperamental pet is not approved to use The Pet Taxi App® services. To speak with a member of our team about qualification requirements for your pet, call us at 877-873-7299.
Once your driver has been assigned to you, you will have access to their contact information via the in-app contact button. By phone or text message, you will facilitate the access and key exchange or can give special instructions to your driver of your preferred method of entry. Many pet parents are at home when their pet needs a ride, or they choose to leave a key under the mat, with a neighbor, or in a lockbox. After your first ride with The Pet Taxi App, you will be eligible for a free lockbox for future ride requests. We will send free lockboxes to pet parents who request them by emailing
For your convenience, The Pet Taxi App® automatically matches you with a driver who can best accommodate your schedule and needs. If you have found a driver that your pet has connected with, and would like to rebook the same driver, please call 877-873-7299 to manually book your pet's ride and ensure you get your pet's preferred driver each and every time they are available.
No problem. If you'd like your pet's ride tailored to their specific needs, call us anytime at (877)873-7299. We are here to help.
You can cancel any advanced pet taxi request without penalty any time up until your driver has accepted your ride request. Once your driver has accepted your request, you are subject to a cancellation fee equalling the base fare of the ride you requested. Once your driver has begun service, the request is unable to be cancelled and your card will be charged.
The Pet Taxi App® offers an 'OWNERS TOO!' option in some cities. This service request will connect you with local pet-friendly transportation providers who will happily allow your pet to bring YOU along for the ride. Enter your pickup address and drop-off destination then choose 'OWNERS TOO!' and we'll be in touch! You can also call us at 877-873-7299 to see if this option is available in your city.
The Pet Taxi App® will take your pet to any local pet-friendly location that you have made advanced arrangements with. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, the doggie daycare, groomer, airport, vet, "yappy hour", and/or back home from these places. If you are not traveling with your pet and payment is due by you to the third party, you will need to arrange payment with them ahead of time as your driver will not be able to pay for services provided to you or your pet by any third party. For ground travel over 100 miles, call 877-873-7299 to book your reservation.
If you need to reach your driver, please use the in-app contact function. Your pet's driver can be reached directly, as soon as they are en route to your pet and throughout the entire length of service. If you would like to reach a member of Pawz Pet Taxi App, Inc., click here or call 877-873-7299.
In the very unlikely event your home or pet incur any damage or injury as a direct result of The Pet Taxi App® service, your home and pet are protected up to $1,000,000. This is in addition to standard auto and liability coverage that your driver carries.
While tipping your driver is not mandatory nor included, it is appreciated. If you loved The Pet Taxi App® service and feel that your driver went above and beyond, tips can be paid in cash directly to your pet's driver or through the app at the end of your service by using your stored credit card.
For some pets, a car ride is one of life’s happy experiences—almost as good as a roll in the fresh-cut grass for any fine canine. For others, it can be a little nerve-wracking. What makes the difference? Let’s put it this way: If the destination is always the vet’s office, your pet is probably not going to enjoy whatever gets them there. But if the car also takes them to parks, beaches, and on shopping expeditions, well, then, cars rock!The Pet Taxi App® drivers make sure each trip is pleasant: *We take them on a potty-break before starting the trip, when applicable. *We play soft music. *We talk to them. *We always make sure they’re comfortably settled and secure in the backseat. *We keep our windows rolled down only a few inches and they remain locked. *We never leave pets unleashed or unattended.Bottom line: pets should love cars. With a few safety precautions and some advance preparation to prevent anxiety or upset stomach, they’ll be more likely to enjoy the ride and one of life’s finest pleasures.*Limit food before car trips. *Consider providing your pet with anti-nausea medication before they travel. Your vet can recommend over-the-counter or prescription options.
A PAWZ PRO is an Independent Contractor approved by Paw Pet Taxi App, Inc. to connect with and provide pet taxi services through The Pet Taxi App. PAWZ PROs undergo a thorough background and DMV check and their clients home and pets are covered up to $1,000,000 through their personal pet care business insurance policies. The Pet Taxi App makes additional efforts to encourage and facilitate training and education with each one of its PAWZ PROS. PAWZ PROS must adhere to a 4-star or higher customer satisfaction rating to stay connected with The Pet Taxi App community and remain available to transport pets.
Want to work on your time, in your car, in your neighborhood, providing a safe and fun experience for pets and their owners? If you love pets like we do, start your journey in becoming a pet taxi provider on the world's largest pet-friendly transportation network! Once you download and register on the PAWZ PRO app, we will guide you through the process and, if approved, your business is backed by PAWZ PRO's team of pet care industry professionals. We are here to support, encourage, educate and assist your business in every way possible. You can find many resources on our website or contact us directly by refering to the 'Contact Us' tab. Please Remember: This gig is for professionals in the pet care industry only. We require a clean background check and a minimum of 1 year experience working with pets and their owners.